Feeling much better..

I slept until 11:45! Yes, that is right! I woke up to Katie this morning around 7ish. She wanted to nurse and then she was wide awake and ready to play. She kept pouncing on Brian and I. And I still felt like crap from the popcorn OD.. Seriously, I woke up still smelling popcorn and my stomach hurt and I felt as though I was going to puke.. yuck, it was so gross and I had a headache on top of that. So Brian got up to pee. Then Brianna came in said good morning to us all and she climbed into bed. Then Brian got back into bed and we all just layed there while Katie climbed on us.

I vaguely remember having some type of nightmare last night. It had to do with pillows. Mine was clean but Brian’s had some sort of stuff on it, like dirt or bugs (like gnats) of some sort and he told me to lay down but only his pillow was available and I literally jumped up in bed to sitting and was freaking out and Brian had to tell me a couple of times that it was just a dream and that I was ok. Though I was freaked out to lay back down, what if it had been his pillow LOL! I also had a wierd dream that we went to Tammy and Jason’s house and they had added on these huge additions to the house, and the architecture was amazing and beautiful. There was one room they hadn’t really put any furniture in and I told them it would be perfect for a prejection screen, high end surround sound and quality theater seating! LOL I’m so very weird!

Brian and I got into a mini argument about how he never gets to sleep in and has to wake up early all the time. I told him that he chose to go to bed late and not take naps when he had the chance to take them. But I said it didn’t matter anyway, because I felt like crap and needed to go back to sleep. If I felt alright I would have just gotten up and been fine and dandy. So he took the kids downstairs.

I had a blissfull sleep. With weird dreams about being in college. Having someone come to the house to peirce my nether region. Asking Chris Leonard (a manager at Bri’s work) if he knew how to get to Jen Lindley’s (Yes, Jen Lindley from Dawson’s Creek) dorm room so I could talk to her about said piercing. It was very, very odd. During all this dreaming, I was awoken by Brianna telling me to come downstairs to eat sausages, then Brian to come downstairs to eat sausages. And I ignored them both.. I just wasn’t fully recovered yet.

Dwight called me and Brian gave me my phone. I was feeling better though so I got up. He is supposed to get his mattress for school today and they need the use of my van. I got up, brushed teeth, got a shower, got dressed. We went downstairs. I called the rent’s to see what the plan was. My Mom wasn’t sure, Dwight was in the shower so we hung up. Then she called back with a tale about Fin. Dad took her in to this dog washing place, where you do it yourself but they provide this really neat, mess free way of doing it. And there were no other dogs there, but Fin was overwhelmed by the smells and she pooped by the cash register. Poor baby, but had a a laugh about it. The girls had some chicken noodle soup. Katie mostly played with hers. Brian had steak and cheese soup.. Dwight called. Said they were going to do the cell phone stuff and then we would decide what to do in regards to getting the mattress. Then got her up in her room for her nap. Brianna is playing quietly and Brian just cut his hair and is now in the shower. While I go over comments and my friends list!

As soon as Bri is out, I’ll probably be on my way to my parents. Dwight is canceling their cell phone contract since it is up and not renewing with Sprint. They are going to get T-Mobile. Which I’m very happy with because then my calls to them will be free and not count against my precious minutes LOL.

I probably should eat. I have been skipping meals (mostly breakfast) like crazy this week and then waiting until I am absolutely starving, usually around 2-3 before eating lunch. I know it is definitely not good for me, but I can’t seem to get out of the habit.. I swear sometimes I feel like I’m bulimic without the purging..

ok.. gonna go now…

3 thoughts on “Feeling much better..”

  1. those are quite a few wierd dreams! lol I often have crazy dreams…but I can’t always remember them when I wake up…. Glad you are feeling better now hope the rest of the day goes well for you!


  2. T-mobile?…i’m assuming you have no problem with them which would make you the only person lol.I’m just anticipating the end of my contract i’ve had so many problems with them that I just don’t want a cellphone anymore.I tried refreshing my friends page but it did’nt help my friends updated journals is just not there the last entry I see of yours is from the 21st to see anything after that date I have to click your name….very very wierd.


  3. I hope you’re feeling much better. This weather sure doesn’t help your mood — so dreary you want to spend the day in bed. {{HUGS}}

    Dh & I argue about who gets to sleep in all the time. So he gets to sleep in on Sat and I get Sun… but he still complains that I don’t keep the boys quiet enough and they wake him up. *sigh* Maybe you could work something out with Brian, alternate sleeping in on Saturdays. I swear, these little tikes have NO IDEA how good they have it, being able to sleep in til whenever they want… once school starts, they’ll realize lol, then they’ll say to themselves “Why in the world was I getting up at 7am when I could’ve slept til 10??” lol!



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