Busy, busy, busy..

I have been reading up on everyone but not posting much. Things have been pretty busy around here with Brianna being in school again! I’m trying to get a routine down.

Brian and I are doing pretty good! We have our ups and downs, mostly ups though šŸ™‚

Brianna is thriving at school! This is her second week, I have some pictures to share. I finished up her preschool 3 scrapbook pages and now have pics to start on preschool 4!! I’m very proud of the scrapbook, and it is the only one I have were I am up to date! Brianna is working on learning her phone number. If you ask her, she’ll usually start it wrong, but when you say 8, the rest just flows off her tongue! She went to the dentist for the first time and had a wonderful experience and she already has a cavity. She gets it filled on the 15th.. I’ll try and post pictures of her first day of preschool 4’s and her first trip to the dentist!

Katie is doing well! She is so very smart! She’s trying with all her might to climb up on the couches and everything else, but she is so petite! She’ll get it soon! She likes getting her sister in trouble and playing with Finbar and Emma, as well as looking intently at our new fish, Nathan and Audrey. She’s had some trouble pooping lately, and has been super cranky with that, but things are starting to work themselves out. She now has 4 teeth šŸ™‚

I need to get their pictures done soon!

I’m sure there is more going on but I can’t really think of it right now..

Tonight the Eagles are on! Both girls are in their outfits and I’m going to be wearing Bri’s McNabb jersey! E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES!

6 thoughts on “Busy, busy, busy..”

  1. Het love! I was thinking of you yesterday! I realized it’s been 2 years since we last got together! 2 years!!!!! Think me and the girls could come visit sometime?


  2. It’s so nice to hear from you! I’m glad things are going well with you and the family šŸ™‚ The girls sound like they are doing wonderful and growing so fast. I can’t wait to see some pictures of the beauties!


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