Yeah.. I was tired…

Yesterday was just a very long day… The morning was pretty un-eventful. We had breakfast, the girls had a bath. Katie went down for a nap. I came on here for a little bit. Got Brianna dressed. Talked on the phone with Deana for awhile. Brianna and I had lunch. Katie woke up. Gave her lunch. Then I took a quick shower and we were out the door. Got Brianna to school on time! Everyone was commenting on how cute the girls looked in their Eagles cheer outfits! We sat with Deana while she fed Brandon and then we went to Target. They have a Starbucks in it! I was really looking forward to getting a Mint Chocolate Chip Blended Creme, but they were out of mocha and waiting for the shipment.. I was so disappointed.. We walked around, they had a sale on formula, and Deana was trying to stock up. Katie was a pistol the whole time we were in there. She was cranky and wanted in and out of the cart. I did manage to get my brother done for Christmas though! I got him Ghostbusters 1 and 2, it was like a gift pack. We have been into getting each other oldie but goodie movies on DVD! Got him a black shirt that has a bright orange graphic on it, like a traffic sign. Says “Not now, I’m busy” and it has a guy in front of a tv playing video games. A bright orange journal that has this slacker looking turtle on it and it says on the front, “Magnigicent, aren’t I?” and on the back, “You scare me.” And then I got him magic grow capsules, that have trains, planes and automobiles. LOL.. We left there and I went through McDonald’s to get Katie some fries and to share a Chocolate milkshake with her and Brianna. Picked up Brianna and then went to Walmart. Got a few things. Came home and unloaded the van. Got Katie up for a nap. I returned Christie’s call. Asked her and Turner over for dinner since Tom was going to be home super late. Then I got on the phone with T-Mobile for the 3rd time and they said that there was nothing to fix my phone (it won’t ring!!!) and that if I extended my contract I could get an upgraded phone for less.. I wish it had broken within the year we had gotten it, then I would have gotten a free phone. blah.. I made our bed, cleaned our bathroom and then cleaned up downstairs. Brianna was outside playing with Natalie and then Christie and Turner showed up! We had fun just chatting. Brian came home. The kids ate nuggets, carrots, cheese and fruit snacks. Then went to play. We had tacos and burritos. Katie went to bed. Then we hung out some more while the kids watched Snow White. Then Brian put their wagon in the van and I drove them home. Put Brianna in bed and then started to watch the Eagles game with Bri. I was so exhausted though. I fell asleep at the end of the first quarter. Then I grumpily went up to bed and Bri was laughing at me because I was so grumpy and whiny. I was just so tired!

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