So I could just scream….. 7th Heaven isn’t on here until 11pm.. I am ridiculous and crazy and actually called the cable service to find out what the issue was, because last year it was on at 10pm on channel 13.. She said, it’s up to the channel when they decide to show it, if at all. So I checked the channels website and it is scheduled, but instead of 8/7c… it is 11 freaking pm… wah… i don’t want to stay up that late, but I guess I will just have to suffer… I’m just thankful that I get to watch it at all!

and yes..

i am a nerd!

3 thoughts on “AAAHHHHHH”

  1. lol! It is annoying when the tv stations switch up the schedule though! That’s why I love my Tivo! lol…put your favorite programs on season pass and watch them when you have time!


  2. LoL that is the funniest thing i’ve read all night.I used to watch that show on a regular basis along time ago now it’s so hard to catch up.I think the last one I saw was when they just had the twins or is that even the same show?,it was so long ago I don’t even remember.


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