I’ve been a scheduling fool

super, super busy these days. Yesterday I watched Grant and Addy in the morning as Kelly needed to go to a counseling appointment. They came over around 10:30.. They did awesome. Played, watched Lilo and Stitch and had a popcorn snack. Then we had lunch, they played some more and then Kelly came by to pick them up. We chatted awhile and then they left. Katie went down for a nap shortly after that and then Brianna and I worked on a kitten in a cup puzzle! Then she looked through a magazine while I read my new book, An Echo in the Darkness.. The sequel to A Voice in the Wind.. By Francine Rivers.. Very good books!! Turner was supposed to be dropped off at 5:30, as Christy and Tom were bringing baby Everett home from the hospital after being in the NICU for a week. Christy’s mom was supposed to drop him off as we were going to try out a new cell group this week, Ann-Morgan and Justin’s group..

Will finish later..

Ok, finally home and ready to finish LOL..

Going to Circle S Farm to have a hayride and pick a pumpkin out. They have a lot of other things to do as well, like corn mazes and such.. So the kids are all ready to go, Brian gets home, he is ready to go.. No Turner. 6pm comes around and no Turner.. So I called Justin’s cell to let them know we would not be attending as they were going to go on the hayride shortly, we had no idea when Turner would show up, and the farm closes at dusk and we would have paid $25 for half an hour!

Brianna and I were extremely disappointed. So we went out back and I pushed the girls on the swing. Brian ordered BW3’s wings for dinner. Brianna and I went to pick it up, we drove past The Burn’s they were not home. Picked up the food, came home and sure enough their blazer is in the driveway.. I called them as soon as we walked in the door. They apologized for Turner not coming afterall, he was still with Christie’s mom and were surprised she had not called.. So I was angry, because after all that we definitely could have gone and had a good time..

Oh well, Instead we had a good time eating wings.. Brianna loves them so much I have to make sure she doesn’t eat parts of the bone!! I got in touch with Kelly Hassenzahl and she is switching nursery with me since I will be at the Women’s retreat this weekend. We talked for a bit, they are pregnant! So exciting, Abby, their first, is 1-2 weeks younger than Katie.. She’s due around Easter. I invited them over to dinner for the 24th..

I did some laundry and then Brian and I watched the show Commander in Chief I think it is, with Gina Davis.. It’s an ok show.. Then I read my book until almost 12am..

I had the hardest time falling asleep and tossing and turning and just being uncomfortable all night long..

2 thoughts on “I’ve been a scheduling fool”

  1. Hey girl! I haven’t been commenting much lately, but I just wanted to tell you I miss you!

    Aren’t those books awesome? I can’t wait to read them again! 🙂


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