I woke up at 6:45.. Read my Bible, brushed teeth, had a shower. Deana showed up with Conner and Brandon. Brian drove to work with her. The morning was good. Brandon had a bottle at 8.. Got a hold of the ped. office around 9:30. Made an appt. for 11:15 (I can’t remember if I had a chance to post, but Brianna had an allergic reaction to something that caused major contact dermatitis. Her face was bright red, ears, eyelids, down her neck and on to her right shoulder as well as her face was all swollen.) Got the kids dressed, put the carseat base in the van, got all kids ready, remembered bottles for Brandon and his bag. Put the double stroller in the van, went crazy looking for the back cupholders because the carseat needs to click into that on the stroller. Everyone buckled and ready to go. And I go flying out of the garage as I had 15 min. to get to her appt. Well I forgot Brian’s car was in the driveway and smashed into it, breaking his side mirror and scratching the side of his car. Just a small scratch to the van. So I was freaking out, somehow put his mirror back on. Called him spazing and he said not to worry about it, it was ok and to just get to Brianna’s appt. So we got there pretty much on time, which is amazing considering it was my first time getting 4 kids ready and of course the accident! Dr. Rothermel said Brianna was not contagious and probably came into contact with a poisonous leaf at the park, since that is when it all started. Gave her a note for school saying she was ok to be in class and a perscription for a higher dose benedryl. Went to McDonald’s to get the kids lunch, they ate in the car on the way to school, dropped them off. Put the script in, went to my Mom’s. Katie went down for a nap, an hour goes by and I go to pick the kids up leaving Katie with my Mom, as she was still slepping. Picked up the kids, picked up the script, picked up Katie and we came home. The kids played outside and Brian and Deana got home around 6ish..

The good news of the day!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian got the lead position!!! He didn’t think he was going to get it and then boom! We are thrilled and so thankful to God as this will hopefully cover the increase in the mortgage payment!

4 thoughts on “Monday…”

  1. sounds pretty smooth (minus the accident 😦 ) for a 1st day! 🙂 How old is the little baby, I forget…. Hope Brianna is feeling better soon! Sounds like no fun 😦
    WOO HOO to Brian!!!! that’s AWESOME!


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