MIL has left..

and we can all thank the Lord! Because it was quite the experience and I’m glad that we don’t have to do it again for awhile. I can only take so much selfishness. That is all I’m going to say because I have vented enough to Brian and Kelly and anyone else who would listen and I need to stop my tongue before it destroys me!

So here are the slight details of the visit.

Came in 4pm Tuesday. Had dinner and just hung out I believe. Can’t really remember.

Had no help whatsoever on Wednesday, except dinner was bought and prepared by someone other than me. Brianna stayed home from school sick. Conner still went to school. GG and Tom MIA from 12:45-4:30pm..

Thursday Brian home from work. Went to the zoo. Went separate ways at the zoo, finally met up, got Conner and Brandon to Ashland to drop off with Deana. Went to visit at my Mom’s. Brianna pitched fit and didn’t want to go to dinner, Katie tired and cranky. Left the kids with my Mom and just Brian, GG, Tom and I went to Mongolian BBQ. Guess I was irritated because Brian informed me I didn’t speak the first half of dinner and then somehow the subject of priests and sexual abuse came up and I went on a tirade. Left the table to talk to Mom about kids, and then talked to Kelly because I thought I as going to explode. Rest of dinner alright. Got kids from Mom and Dad’s and then went home. Went to bed early.

Friday Brian home from work. Kids went to school. Went to Circle S Farms. Kids had a blast. GG and Tom so selfish and non-helping and just plain rude in my opinion. More GG than Tom. Brian and I went out bowling and then to Starbucks. I went to bed early.

Saturday.. I got up late, felt awful, even though finally getting over my cold. They left around 1pm..

I could go into more detail but I am tired of all the craziness and bitterness and just being plain angry. There is no point as the woman is who she is and there is no change in sight. So I might as well get over it..

2 thoughts on “MIL has left..”

  1. There is no point as the woman is who she is and there is no change in sight. So I might as well get over it..

    That’s my MIL unfortunately 😦 I bitch and moan and even get pissed at her every once in awhile… but, in a way, that just eggs her ON! She loves the attention… negative or not. *sigh*

    I’m sorry it was a rough visit 😦 ((hugs))


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