I’m so tired..

I was up watching 7th Heaven with Brian: Which Martin better start getting his act together! And it took me until now to see Meredith is one of the 5 kids adopted last Season… Anyway, next weeks episode looks good! Oh and Rose really gets on my nerves!

Brian showed me how much he loved my hair *blush*

Then I came on the computer to check email and Katie woke up so she came to bed with me and she was just all over the place and couldn’t get comfortable. We must have finally went to sleep because she woke up at around 3:30am and was doing the moving around thing again and I put her in her bed. She cried for 3 seconds and then was fast asleep and I was able to get some rest. She has been trying to get a lot of snuggle time at night.. maybe because of watching brandon???

anyway.. i’m tired…

3 thoughts on “I’m so tired..”

  1. I didn’t catch 7th Heaven this week 😦 Does Martin now know she’s pregnant w/ his child? I’m not certain I believe her :-/ Rose drives me NUTS too! But so did Simon for a LONG while lol So he deserves her :-X I love the show… but the twins drive me bonkers lol They are, what, 6? And they talk and act like they are 2??

    When do we get to see your hair????


  2. She’s definitely pregnant, but I’m not so certain it is Martin’s.. She is pressuring him to marry her and they don’t even know each other. And next week looks good becuase Sandy tells Simon she is jealous of Rose and him together because she wished he was marrying her (or something to that effect)…

    And I posted pictures of my hair last night, so go back an entry 🙂


  3. I don’t know what to think about the whole Martin situation. Mainly because I desperately want him and Ruthie to get together and live happily ever after. But, I think he does need to do something. I think he’s just so young he doesn’t know how to act. He did talk to Lucy though, that’s a huge step.


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