Can’t I sleep..

just a little longer.. I did not want to get up this morning.. Probably has something to do with me staying up until 1am.. when I was extremely tired at 10pm I should have gone to bed. But I had to buy a book.. The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language

And of course check my email, and LJ and hop on MTT just to lurk and comment a little.

Then I got this huge idea that I should start looking for my biological mother and that if I found her I would get some closure to being adopted..

So that is was kept me up until 1am, when I forced myself to go to sleep.

Not sure if I will continue in that direction.. I might..

1 thought on “Can’t I sleep..”

  1. I keep doing the same thing…staying up way later than I should! lol

    I req to join mtt but so far they haven’t approved me…it’s weird…I applied in July and it kept telling me up until earlier this month it was pending approval and then I tried a few days ago and it said no record of me….so I reapplied w/ same user name and am waiting to see if I’m approved! lol…who knows maybe they don’t like me 😦

    If you do continue to look for your birthmom I wish you all the luck of finding her and it having a good outcome!


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