Made an appt.. (apd)

Monday 8pm. (I actually have someone coming over for dinner that night, but I got afraid that if I didn’t get it done as soon as possible, I wouldn’t do it at all, so I’m going to call Kelly H. and reschedule, I’m sure she will understand right?) And it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was. Though I did have a moment of panic when I couldn’t remember Brian’s social security number and I was running around freaking out in my head, but finally found it. The woman on the phone was so nice, I felt very comfortable talking to her. She called my insurance for me, and basically it stinks. We would have to meet a $600 before they would pay 60% for 10 visits. And since the year is almost up, they suggested just using their sliding fee. So it would be $65 a session. I have an appt. with:

Sean Ridge, IMFT

Sean is an Independent Marriage and Family Therapist. He is finishing his PhD in Family Therapy from Texas Woman’s University, and has additional degrees from Abilene Christian University and Bluffton University. Sean has been practicing marriage and family therapy since 1998, and is co-founder of the Texas Family Institute, a non-profit organization in Abilene, Texas.

Sean specializes in helping individuals and families thrive in their relationships with the world around them. He has worked extensively with parents and teens, as well as pre-marital and married couples. He has a particular interest in being a resource for “people helpers” (i.e., clergy, physicians, teachers, etc.). In addition to clinical therapy, Sean regularly presents workshops in churches, schools, and non-profit settings.


Child/Teen Behavioral Problems
Divorce/Separation Adjustment
Family Problems
Grief & Loss
Marital/Relational Conflict
Pregnancy Related Crisis
Sexual Intimacy/Couples
Spiritual Abuse

3 thoughts on “Made an appt.. (apd)”

  1. I’m so sorry that you’ve had to struggle for such a long time. I’m proud of you for deciding to go to a counselor. It’s not an easy thing to do but the important thing is that it will help and you have no reason to feel bad for going. I was reluctant to go to therapy for a while when I suffered from anxiety, but it really helped to talk to somebody and know that people are there for you. I hope that you get the help for need and I know that you will stay strong through out it :o)


  2. I’m so glad you made the appt. THat is always the hardest step. If you want to chat, please let me know. As you know I do see a therapist and suffer from anxiety and depression.

    big hugs!!


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