First therapy appt. (apd)

It went ok. I got out of the house and there on time. Filled out a bunch of paperwork regarding confidentiality, payment, insurance, medical history. All of that jazz.

Sean came out and he looked different than his picture online. I think he had a mustache online, but not IRL. He was very nice.

Went into his office and there were these big leather couches. I was like a living area in an office. It was comfy I guess. Weird, but comfy.

Then we just sort of talked about why I was there, and what his philosophy on therapy was. And he gave me a homework assignment. To start a journal, paper or continue on LJ that was private and only for me and my eyes.. Which is weird to me, because I’ve never been good at that. I usually like someone looking at my thoughts and feelings and letting me know what they think. Not sure what that is about.

So far I haven’t made any private entries, because I haven’t really had anything to say. My mind has been on how much I truly avoid relationships and people, even Brian on a deep intimate level. And I never really knew how much I did it. Kind of scary, but I’m willing to work through it all and try to change my life for the better..

8 thoughts on “First therapy appt. (apd)”

  1. ((HUGS))
    I’m glad it went well.
    I’d suggest just starting with what you’re thinking about and feeling right now and let your fingers follow your mind. Sometimes it feels good to babble about nothing and know that it doesn’t matter because no one is going to read it but you.
    He sounds like a good therapist!


  2. I’m glad your therapy appointment went well….they are weird at first but it does get easier as you continue to go and less weird šŸ™‚


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