Kelly came over tonight unexpectedly. Brian and I were sitting watching 20/20. There was a knock at the door which was strange as it was after 11 I think.. It was Kelly. She was highly upset. I just held her while she cried. I motioned Brian to leave. He went upstairs, I think called Peter, then he left to go to Peter’s house. We talked until just now.. 2am.. It was hard for me because I didn’t know what she really needed and I usually listen, and then state what I think and try to work things out, try to process it all. She is the same way though.. By the end we were talking about me, and then the kids and just things in general and laughing… I know she feels better.. Worried about what to tell Peter or talk to Peter when she gets home, but a lot better than when she left their house.

I’m so sick about what is going on with them, with her, with him.. I just pray that things get better and quickly. This is so hard on the both of them and I know they love each other so much. I just pray they weren’t struggling so much..


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