Why, hello there..

Today went alright. Brian and I tried to sleep in. The girls got up around 8.. Then they ran amok for awhile. Then I got up with them, Brian slept, then I slept and he got up with them. We had a nice morning. I ran into Walmart while Brian and the girls stayed in the car (Katie was napping) and got all of the lasagna fixings! Then went to Kroger in Dublin to meet Jodie (my creative memories consultant) to get some things for my Aunt Freda’s gift. Then my Mom and I went to Toys R Us to get the kids the imaginarium train table and trainset, and some baby einstein videos, and then to Meier for hamster stuff! Yes, we are getting a hamster for Brianna as a Santa gift. It’s the only thing she has asked for. So Meier had this huge sale on their cages, the bedding and food, so we took advantage and bulked up. Brianna will be thrilled on Christmas morning! Then we came home and I started the lasagna process! It turned out wonderful and I even used the oven-cook noodles so I didn’t have to do that separate step. It worked wonders! The lasagna was a hit, everyone loved it! It was Kelly’s recipe! My Mom has a cold so that has kept her somewhat sane.. Which is a welcomed relief. We’ll see how long it lasts though.

I’m tired..

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