I don’t want to go out and play..

I saw Tammy at church and she said we should get together this week, and made a tentative playdate for today.. She was going to call Kendra and Kelly as well.. I haven’t hung out with them in awhile, it’s been too long..

But now I just feel blah about going.. I don’t want to go..

I don’t know why I have this anxiety all of a sudden. I mean I have known these people since Brianna was a toddler.. Why do I feel all weird..


4 thoughts on “Arg..”

  1. (hugs) Its much easier to say than do, but just do it! I have simliar anxieties a lot and almost always really enjoy myself it I just make myself go.


  2. big hugs!

    I relate. I am often the same way. Meeting up with people really stresses me out and I even thoug I enjoy myself when out I stress and avoid the situation if I can. I do not understand why I do that either :/.


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