Is it bedtime yet?

I’m seriously ready to go back to bed.. I slept great last night, and Katie didn’t wake up until almost 7am!! It was so nice to sleep through the night. I had weird dreams that involved Jason Morgan from General Hospital though LOL.. Brian woke up me and I just could barely get my eyes open this morning.

I have a ton of laundry to do, it is calling my name but I am so not wanting to do it.. Where’s my magic wand??? Where’s Mrs. Weasley when you need her LOL..

Katie should be napping though I hear her playing quietly in her crib, Brandon is napping, Brianna and Brandon are playing firefighter..

I have more Christmas cards to fill out..

I need to think about what to make for lunch and for dinner tonight, since Brian has a soccer game. Need to think if I want to take the girls to the game, it’s the only one at a reasonable time during the season.

And I need to clean my house…

Yet, I sit at my computer and try and zone out.. No I really need to get started.. Maybe getting up and moving will get my energy going..

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