Major headache..

My head has been pounding since 3:00. I thought for sure it was because I have barely eaten today, so I stopped on the way home from picking Brianna and Conner up at school and got some Chick-Fil-A.. My head is still pounding.. Maybe I should take something for it..

I’m making progress on the laundry.. I have a load in the dryer, one in the washer and one being folded and one ready to go into the washer..

Brianna and Conner are on the look out for a flashlight because they want to play dark in the bathroom. They just recruited Katie to play as well.. When she realized they were going to close the door, Katie decided she didn’t want to play that game, so now she is playing with a deck of cards LOL.. Brandon is snuggled in his carrier and eating.

I’m hoping Brian and Deana don’t leave too late today. They almost never leave at 5.. Usually 5:30 which means they don’t get home until 6ish..

Brian has his soccer game and I am really not in the mood to go.. I’d rather sit home and relax, play with the kids, get in the shower after they get in bed, finish the christmas cards, watch Lost.. (though it might be a repeat this week????) and then go to bed..

Most likely, I will hop in the shower as soon as he gets home, we’ll eat quickly, he’ll get changed for soccer, we’ll get in the car, go watch him play, come home, put the kids to bed, watch Lost, stay up, not do any cards and go to bed later than I wanted…

I did get most of my cards out to the post office today so they should be arriving soon to all that wanted one!

3 thoughts on “Major headache..”

  1. Feel better love!!!

    I can’t wait for my card from you…
    heh, I need to address all of mine still!!
    Eeeeeeeeeegads!!! (new favorite word rofl)


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