A Year’s worth of Survey

A Year’s worth of Survey

A Year’s Worth of Survey

1. did you have a new year’s resolution this year? no
2. if so, did you go through with it? n/a
3. does it snow where you live? yes
4. do you like hot chocolate? love it, but it has to have marshmellows LOL
5. have you ever been to times square to watch the ball drop? nope and no desire to, way to many people!

1. did you have a valentine last year? Brian 🙂
2. did you WANT a valentine? Of course, I’m married aren’t I 🙂
3. did you play in the snow? Yes, with Brianna!
4. do you have February break? what is a break??? LOL
5. when you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class? of course!

1. are you Irish? well, adopted into an irish family, does that count!
2. do you wear green on St. Patty’s Day? sometimes.
3. do you believe in leprechauns, four leaf clovers and all that stuff? um, no..

1. do you like the rain? Yes!
2. do you celebrate Easter? Yes, Jesus’ resurrection! And the bunny too for the kiddo’s..
3. do you get tons of candy on Easter? yes
4. Have you ever danced or kissed in the rain? probably
5. do you believe in the Easter bunny? i did
1. what’s your favorite kind of flower? don’t have one..
2. do you love your mommy? definitely
3. do you like the spring? Yes
4. finish the phrase – APRIL SHOWERS: bring may flowers
5. what would you think of as a spring color? pastels

1. what’s the last grade you graduated from? 14th
2. what day did/do you graduate school? high school in 1998,, i don’t remember the exact day. didn’t graduate college
3. do you love your daddy? yep

1. do you have any special occasions on 4th of july? fireworks and bbq’s
2. would you consider yourself patriotic? yes
3. do you go on any vacations during this month? sometimes
4. ever gotten really drunk on 4th of july? nope

1. do you do anything special to end off your summer? not really
2. does school start during this month? not for brianna
3. do you go swimming a lot in the summer? not me, but the girls do
4. do you like swimming? sometimes..
5. do you go to the beach a lot? not really

1. does school start during this month? for brianna
2. do you like school? did i? social wise, loved it LOL
3. suppp number three? what?
4. who’s your favorite teacher? of all time? Mrs. Oberdick, Chantilly High School
5. do you like fall better than summer? summer better

1. what was your craziest Halloween costume ever? I was this big hairy cat once when I was little..
2. do you still go trick or treating? yes, but it’s for the kids, really haha!
3. what’s your favorite candy? reeses peanut butter cups!
4. what are you gonna be this year? next year? i don’t dress up, but the girls do, have no clue

1. who’s house do you usually go to for thanksgiving? My parents
2. do you like stuffing? no
3. what are you thankful for? God, friends & family
4. name everyone who’s at your family dinner? Brian, Brianna, Katie, Mom, Dad, Dwight and then it depends on who else comes..

1. do you celebrate Christmas? Yes. Favorite holiday!
2. Hanukkah? nope, but I do send out cards to my Jewish friends 🙂
3. do you get presents? yes, but I love to give more than receive
4. what’s your favorite present you ever got? Brian made me a picture collage of each girl last year! I love it!!
5. do you like cold weather? hate it.. yuck.. snow is pretty, but i would much rather have summer..

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