meme stolen from many..

What Will veronica525 Get ?

Xmas pressie predictor
Big wooly jumper knitted by mommatofour
Pair of Socks from omarndesmama
Bottle of Whiskey from angandfam
Cd from skittlesnhoney
Something Cuddly from mommyemily
Something Intoxicating from lucsgirl
Something Silly from tansboys
Something Funny from chantaltt
Lump of coal from js_mummy
Something Pretty from nikc
Something Shiny from momma_laura
Something Naughty from johnjrsmama
Something Smelly from southernmom
Something Breakable from thegreenfaery
Something Useful from jags_journey
Something not useful from immamatrace
The Black and Decker Tool Kit from lynzie99
Livejournal account from joteacherjo
The Make-up Bag from mandy24
Stack of DVDs from kelly827
Something Geeky from brandileigh77


Made by _imran_ and beyond_bananas.
Hosted at Memeland

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