I am on cloud 9!!!!

Seriously, I think that my smile might just jump off my face, I am so excited! My Mom and I were talking about making the choco-nut dainties this year and I hate making that dough.. So stiff and my hand hurts before we even start LOL.. So I said we should borrow Kelly’s mixer.. She said, why don’t we just get one and keep it at your house since you do so much baking.. I said ok.. So I priced them. She was talking to my Aunt Sandy and told me to go to QVC.. So this is the one we got… I seriously cannot contain my excitement!

KitchenAid 6qt 450 Watt Deluxe Ed. Stand Mixer w/Bowl Lift in White

I cannot wait until it gets here! I will be a baking fool!

7 thoughts on “I am on cloud 9!!!!”

  1. I want a pink one SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!! Ahhhhh.

    Enjoy it girl 😀 I can’t wait to hear all about the goodies you will be making 😀


  2. Oh I’m jealous!!! That would be SO awesome! They are so freakin’ spendy though! Someday 🙂 I’m curious about these cookies 😉


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