Brianna’s appt..

is at 12.. They said they were going to give her some ointment for her eyes.. Poor girl. They aren’t as goopy today, just had lots of dry crust on her lashes and underneath her eye. They are puffy and red around her eye, though her eyes aren’t exactly bloodshot.. She says they still hurt her..

And something is up with our hot water.. It wasn’t getting very hot and I ended up heating water on the stove for the girls bath this morning. They thought it was awesome LOL..

I’m hoping that my shower won’t be cold.. Glad I shaved yesterday, not that anyone is going to see.

I miss the warmth of summer.. Though it is pretty with the snow outside.. I want more snow though, so it is more fun to play in and go sledding with the girls.. They need some boots though, Brianna outgrew hers, and Katie’s feet are so small Brianna’s first pair of boots are still 3 sizes too big LOL..

I still have to finish making cards to send out to a few people and to church friends.. I have no motivation.. And I have like two scrapbooking projects I need to tackle for Christmas presents.. My Mom’s Ireland/Scotland album and my Aunt Sandy’s album.. Mom’s pictures are printed, got the album and page protectors, just need to get it done.. Aunt Sandy’s pics not printed, need to go through all old albums and scan and make copies, got her album and page protectors.. When am I going to get this done?????

Alright.. going to test the shower.. It better be nice and hot now!

5 thoughts on “Brianna’s appt..”

  1. poor girl 😦 Hopefully it isnt’ causing her too much pain!

    We have like 10 pairs of snow boots, do you think ONE would fit Julie? NOOOOO! That’d be too easy lol We’ve been on the look out for over a MONTH for boots for her. But I’m not paying $25 for her to wear them 1-2 months (I have no problem spending that much for Jackie, cuz it’ll get passed down three times kwim?). And on EBay, they want $7 just to SHIP them @@ grrrrrr

    Make sure your water heater is okay 😉 I learned the hard way a few months ago lol


  2. Poor Baby!!!!

    We got your Christmas card today!!! AWESOME! The boys and I were totally admiring your handy work! Robbie was impressed that you made them. I told him you were amazing like that, baking cookies, making cards! *SIGH* I wanna be Veronica when I grow up!!!

    and the girls are so cute! Robbie just thought they were so precious!!! 🙂


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