Our weekend..

Friday.. We had to sign all of those fun closing papers for our refinance on the house. After that I went off to Walmart to pick up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff for Winston’s birthday party, went to LifeWay Christian and got The Message Remix for my Mom for X-mas… Picked up wings from BW3s and Batman Begins from Blockbuster.. Got home, Brian had put the kids in bed, we ate and watched the movie, which I loved!!! Went to bed, Brianna came into our room sometime during the night saying she had a nightmare, I was to tired to get up so she just climbed into bed with us, then Katie woke up sometime during the night as well, Brian got her and brought her to bed with us. It was crowded in that queen size bed! Brian and I didn’t sleep the best that night haha!

Saturday.. Got up, got the kids in their holiday outfits, went to the Ashland Kid’s Christmas party. The girls had fun running all around, eating donuts, drinking chocolate milk, making crafts, playing games. Then we went to my parents and I dropped Brian and Katie off. Poor Katie was so tired, she had fallen asleep in the car! Brianna and I went up to Sawmill to Chuck E. Cheese for Winston’s party. She had no interest in pizza or cake. She just wanted to go play. We had a lot of fun, though I vow never to have one of my children’s parties there! It was a mad house and Brianna didn’t even really get that she was there for a party… Went to Lifeway Christian up at Polaris, got an advent holder, though we are way behind and I’m not sure I like it now… Got some Wendy’s, as Brianna was hungry from not eating at the party. Polaris was packed and it took a good 25 minutes just to get off 71, it was crazy.. Dropped the movie off and picked up War of the Worlds.. We got the kids dressed in their snowsuits and took them out while I did more X-mas lights.. Katie had fun for about 20 minutes and then she was done.. Brianna loved eating the “good” snow and making snow angels.. After the kids were in bed Brian and I watched the movie. It was good, I liked it.. The DVD was acting ridiculous at one point though and I was seriously aggravated, but it started to work again..

Sunday.. We got up and ready, went to Church. I was in the Nursery with Dan and Kristen. It was nice. I fed Kennedi and she fell asleep in my arms. She is so sweet! Had some crazy period issues, I love having the Mirena, but sometimes it seriously is a pain.. After church, went to Kroger, then to Wendy’s, then to my parents. We hung out there all day, helped my Mom get presents wrapped and sent out to family. Came home, got pizza for dinner and Brian and I watched Extreme Home Makeover and then I watched Grey’s Anatomy..

2 thoughts on “Our weekend..”

  1. Oh my goodness Veronica, just reading everything you did this weekend wore me out!!!
    That pic of the girls in your user icon is adorable, I love their outfits!
    I’m so in love with Grey’s Anatomy, but I’m disappointed they didn’t follow up on the quints this week.


  2. The only good thing about b-day parties at Chuck E Cheese is that you don’t have clean your house ahead of time and then clean it up after everyone is gone. LOL

    I love Grey’s Anatomy. We finally have a DVR so I programmed it to record every week…..bummer that we have re-runs till January though. Sniff-sniff.


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