I need some sex on the beach..

Seriously.. I just need to zone out right now.. Katie has been super cranky today, having little tantrums every time she doesn’t get her way. Brianna has been pretty defiant as well.

I was very thanful to only have Conner and Brandon for a half day.. I didn’t think Lois would want to take them since she had them on Monday and Tuesday (Deana was sick with the flu, Brianna had pink eye) but she did!

Brian is sick and in bed. I brought him chicken noodle soup, toast, hot chocolate, ice water and a chicken drumstick LOL.. He told me he had two things to say.. 1. That he was sorry for being mean when I am sick, that he usually has the attitude that I should just get over it (which I don’t really see????) 2. That he loves and appreciates me.. Then he went to bed.. He just really needs to rest. And truthfully, I hope he recovers soon, because there is something truly irritating about a sick man, that is all mopey and whiny LOL.. (I am really trying to be a loving and supportive wife at this time, hence the bringing him food in bed.. though now I will have to sleep on toast crumbs LOL)

I cropped a whole bunch of pictures.. I did Paul/Debbie visit in April and all of the Ocean City, NJ pics.. There were a ton. I still have to do family BBQ, 4th of July parade, and Kid’s Castle pics..

I’m really looking forward to Reunion tonight.. It is so going to be my escape..

Praying that the kids go down to bed smoothly and with no tears.. Katie has not wanted to sleep all day. The only nap she really had was in the car taking Conner to school, and that was relatively short, hence the crankiness..

There is a Reeses Peanut Butter Big Cup with my name on it!!! And hot chocolate with lots of mini marshmellows.. Can’t wait..

Though I think sex on the beach (the drink, not actual sex people (can you imagine the sand in your most intimate of places anyway, that is so not sexy or romantic!) sounds really nice right now, but it would only succeed in making me cranky and sleepy.. so I’ll stick to my hot chocolate LOL!

Can I say LOL one more time??? Alright then.. LOL… and how about another hence.. hence this post is over.. bwahaha

1 thought on “I need some sex on the beach..”

  1. hehehe – this post made ME lol – lol, okay, now I have the giggles.

    There is definitely something truly irritating about a sick, whiny hubby. But you ARE a good wifey! 😉

    Mmmmmmm….reeses big cups and hot chocolate. I’m jealous. I think I’ve tried a sex on the beach drink before but I can’t remember what it was made of. My drink of choice is a midori sour – yum!


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