Let it Snow!

It’s snowing! Everything is beautiful and white!! I love snow, though I’m not a fan of the winter season in general, I do think snow it pretty!

Brianna and Conner are playing tabletop air hockey and watching Monsters Inc. Katie is supposed to be taking a nap, but I hear her jumping on her bed, and Brandon is sleeping. I’m taking a break from cropping.. But will get back to it in a couple of minutes.. I don’t have much time to get it finished! Christmas is right around the corner!

And it’s that time of year.. The final episodes of Dawson’s Creek on TBS.. And just like everytime,, me bawling my eyes out..

3 thoughts on “Let it Snow!”

  1. Yay for snow, I love snow when it’s falling and before it gets all brown and yucky. It’s so magical, sparkling and whirling through the air.

    I got your card, it is so pretty and perfect, I honestly looked on the back because I didn’t believe it was handmade, it’s to perfect! You rock!
    Thank you so much, your girls are so pretty. Leah keeps telling me those are her sisters. Lol.


  2. I did that too with the card! It is beautiful V! And the girls are gorgous! Janna looked at the picture and said ‘them are my friends. I love them’


  3. I REALLY hope we get some snow for Christmas. Although what am I saying – we will be in Gunnison at Kraig’s parents house so of course there will be snow.

    I got your card yesterday as well and really loved it! You did a great job! One of these years I will get around to making some homemade cards and including a picture. I’m afraid mine will be quite blah, lol. Your girls are so beautiful!


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