Extremely tired and to Linds and Ang..

I spent the whole day painting Katie’s room blue.. I got awesome paint.. Sherwin-Williams Duration and did it in ultimate blue (remember, nursery is moons/stars/rainbows and clouds)… I can’t wait until the paint is totally cured (1-2 weeks) so that I can put the above stated nursery items back on the wall.. I got all house decorating motivated.. Though painting is such a pain.. it looks fantastic though and I can’t wait to do Brianna’s room (accent wall pink, and a cucumber on remaining 3 walls) and our room (accent wall scanda and remaining in misty or rock candy) and probably our bathroom in scanda) Anyway.. I’ll take pics when it is finished..

Happy Birthday Linds!!! Hope you had a fantastic day filled with a lot of love and happiness! Hope the sickies go away soon for the *S* fam!

Feel better Ang.. I really hope that you don’t have a cyst.. *hugs* The pics of the kiddo’s are so cute!  I hope the sickies go away soon for you and the fam!

4 thoughts on “Extremely tired and to Linds and Ang..”

  1. I miss youuuuu!!!

    I am feeling better today, but I think I need to get in to see my gyn. :/

    I cannot wait to see pics!!! Now, tell me, why does it take 2 weeks to cure? explain the paint you used! I have never found a paint I like *screams*

    I want to do the main bath in our house eggplant, but I want a really good paint!

    Love you!!!

    I loaded that comcast photoshow, and omgosh that is WONDERFUL! You have a beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful family Veronica!!! *muah*


  2. I got the paint from Sherwin-Williams.. They have this really awesome program where you can pick a color and put it up in a pretend room to see what it would look like… http://www.sherwin-williams.com

    Anywa.. the paint is Duration Home.. It is like $40/gallon.. but the best paint I have ever used, I love it.. It goes on like a dream and I didn’t need to do two coats!

    Info about the paint:

    With homeowners becoming increasingly aware about indoor air quality, it’s good to know that Sherwin-Williams applies the GreenSure designation to its environmentally preferred products. Going further than most third-party certifications, the GreenSure designation takes into consideration product performance and other criteria that impact the environment.

    Only those products that offer maximum performance, long-term durability and have the highest indoor air quality ratings for low VOC and low odor and meet or exceed the GS-11 criteria for coatings used in Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design certified buildings earn the GreenSure designation. (LEED certification means that certain “green building” standards are met, such as energy efficiency and indoor environmental quality.)

    Meet two of Sherwin-Williams GreenSure environmentally preferred products for “green” interior home paint:

    Duration Home™ Interior Latex
    With its low VOC (volatile organic compound) and lower odor properties, Duration Home Interior Latex is environmentally preferred. Its waterborne formula and patented cross-linking technology mean superior washability, so you can wipe away most stains easily with water or mild soap. Duration Home resists shiny burnish marks and mildew, providing the ultimate in quality and performance.


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