We are booked for Disney!!!

March 8- 15!!!!!

Non-stop flight to Orlando! Our flight arrives about 10 minutes before the rest of the family, who is flying from Philly.. We are staying at the Coronado Springs Resort in the Wild Kingdom area.. Have a great meal plan, 7 sit doesn, 7 counters, 7 snacks, as well as 7 day hopper passes..

All we have left to do it figure out what we want to do there so we have some plan!!

I’m so excited!!!!!

4 thoughts on “We are booked for Disney!!!”

  1. Have fun girl. The girls will love it and of course you and Brian and family too! Enjoy it, you are going at a good time too, not too busy, although Disney world is never not busy! lol But we go often and always in the Summer and its a zoo.. We will probally go again for Gio maybe this Summer or next!


  2. *wahooo!!!*

    I’m so excited for you!!!
    I was just @ MIL’s today trying to figure out which parks we were going to on which days. It sounds like we have the same plan w/ the food & hopper passes. 🙂 I’ve been searching online for Disney autograph books, trying to decide if I’ll buy one there or if I’ll get cheap ones here and decorate them (I’m sure I’ll buy one there, I have too many lists to make, no time to be sitting around making an autograph book LOL)

    I’m so glad you have dates & things booked!! 🙂
    check out allearsnet.com — they have great pics of the resorts and tips, etc. (did I already tell you that?)



  3. How exciting! We stayed at the Coronado Springs in 1999. We really liked it. We’re planning a trip for next year and I can’t wait!


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