Childish Things

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Name 5 things that you adore secretly (or publicly) but think are childish. Then tag 5 friends to do the same.

1. Making funny faces and noises along with them :o)

2. Watching kid movies, especially anything Disney

3. Playing in the sand, especially at the beach (don’t mess with my sandcastle LOL)

4. Building with legos (everything symetrical and beautiful, and if the kids put a lego on and it’s wrong color or place I secretly take it off and replace it with the right one LOL) 

5. My Little People Empire (um, I mean the kid’s little people toys *wink*wink*)


2 thoughts on “Childish Things”

  1. lol…I always thought little people toys were great! and they are so much more cool than when we were kids! Everything is! lol


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