I’m seriously on edge tonight..

I don’t handle drama well.. It makes my heart heavy with sadness/hurt/anxious feelings.. it makes me feel like crap when people are going through crap, even if it doesn’t effect me directly..

My kids are sick.. looks like Brianna is getting pink eye again..

I had a fight with brian about brianna where the door was slammed in my face, i yelled at him, and i hit him in his arm out of anger and frustration from all my feelings of the day/night swirling out of control..

had to deal with crying/sleepy kiddo’s who thankfully did not see me out of control..

and i just feel on edge and like crap..


like i feel i have been saying in regards to all things going on this day online life and in real life..

this stinks/sucks/blows..

21 thoughts on “I’m seriously on edge tonight..”

  1. Thanks Jessica.. I really needed that.. it’s funny that I read a chapter in a book Christian book called “being a positive mom” or something like that and it was about not complaining and throwing a pity party.. guess i didn’t learn the lesson.. anyway.. thanks for not joining my pity party and trying to get me to see a bright side! I really appreciate that πŸ™‚


  2. Natasha.. you are seriously making me cry.. i just get done thanking jessica for not joining in on my pity party and showing me the bright side…

    and then you do the same.. you, who are totally in the drama, you, who i just sent a totally long email telling you how i felt and what i had said about said situation..

    and you come to my journal and tell me Tomorrow will be a better day. Hang in there!

    Thank you hun, i can’t even describe how that makes me feel but the tears are totally streaming down my face.. Man.. I’m emotional tonight..


  3. What book was that? I think I need to read it LOL. Today was def. a “I want to pull my hair out” kind of day.

    You are welcome. Now I feel all good knowing I made you feel good. ROFL


  4. HUGE hugs sweetie!! We all have days like these and I will admit that my heart is heavy from all of this too.

    Tomorrow will only get better!! Get a good nights rest and things will look so much better in the morning!!

    Thinking of you sweets!


  5. I think it has been a rough day for lots of us not to mention the sickies seeming to be following many of us around (darn them!). Tomorrow is always better :D! I am right there with you on the emotional thing and I emailed you back! Goodnight :).


  6. Thanks hun.. A good nights rest is exactly what I need.. I love you Ella!! You are such an amazing woman! (hugs) I can’t believe there are only 20 sleeps, is that right??? Wow, time has really flown by! Amazing!! Can’t wait to meet that baby girl!


  7. Grab a few drinks and become my “Tipsy V” and all will be better! Nah- just kidding of course. I hope after some nice rest you will wake up feeling better. Smooches my dear!


  8. :*) Hope you feel better/refreshed by the time you read this! I don’t like days like this…

    Chin up~Smile~Think of all of the wonderful things you have~You rock V!


  9. I’m the SAME way…. I let stuff (like that’s been going on here in LJland) affect my life 😦 I hope you are feeling better today ((hugs))


  10. Hey girly, hope you’re feeling better now! (Sorry I didn’t get to read this sooner) Seems everyone is upset about all the drama right now- though I have no clue. lol Blonde roots are forever, huh? πŸ˜‰ But I hope it gets all cleared up and no one is stuck in the middle anymore!! Love ya!


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