Brianna’s First Haircut!!!

I took Brianna to get her haircut a couple of weeks ago. It was only a trim, but her first one none the less. I took so pictures for her scrapbook! I kept her mind off of the brushing by sticking M&M’s in her mouth LOL. After she was done she said it hurt a little bit, but that it was ok.. The following pics are the night before!! The haircut and after behind the cut 🙂

Michelle is doing her hair, she is Kelly’s (my best friend) older sister!

Katie watching the festivities!

Katie trying to get out of the stroller, thank goodness for 5-point straps LOL

Brianna, as you can see, has a lot of hair!!!

Yes, I’m free! Katie finally got her wish and I let her out of the stroller to roam!

She was very tired and ready for her nap, she kept pushing the stroller towards the door hoping I would get the hint LOL.

Putting twisties in 🙂

All done!!

Michelle did an awesome job!!!

18 thoughts on “Brianna’s First Haircut!!!”

  1. Her hair is amazing
    it is sooo curly, all the way down! What do you wash it with?

    She looks great, I’m glad you kept it long 🙂

    wow, just wow! Your girls are so lucky!!

    Beautiful mama!!!


  2. I just use the Johnson’s buddy shampoo and conditioner.. It makes it so much easier to comb through after I wash it 🙂


  3. I know! She is such a talker and has a little attitude and is such a girly girl! Loves shoes and dresses LOL! It’s amazing how quickly they grow!


  4. GOsh her hair is SOOOOOO gorgeous! I bet you hear that all the time! I bet it’s a pain to take care of, huh? But still so beautiful 🙂 Looks like she did well 🙂 I LOVE LOVE LOVE that “all done” picture! They are so cute! 🙂 Did you save her curls????


  5. That is the most beautiful hair I have seen….LUCKY GIRL!!!!!!! I want it!…lol
    wow..gonna have a hard time keeping boys away 🙂


  6. She has so much hair! Oh my gosh! It’s so beautiful. I can see why you’ve never had it cut before, it’s just too pretty. And Katie is so stinking cute! ❤



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