I’m ready for bed!

Today has been a long day! Went to breakfast at 9 with Tammy and she brought Lillian.. Lillian is about 4 months old and so adorable.. The cheeks on this girl are unbelieveable! Just too cute! Andyway, we went to Panera and hung out for about 2 hours.. It was nice, we usually don’t get much one on one time. More go out as a group of girls so it was really great to be able to chat just us.. Looking forward to doing it again!

Brian and I took the girls to the pet store to see Bruiser.. On Thursday I took the girls to go look at puppies.. They were soo cute.. There was a Jack Russell/Chihuahah mix.. And he was the cutest puppy ever.. He’s 2 months old and I so want him… But can’t really justify paying $1200… Anyway.. I named him Bruiser like on Legally Blonde.. He is just so freaking cute! So we went today and played with him for a bit.. Quite honestly, I was hoping Brian would fall for him like I did and say we could get him, and he did, but said no way in the end 😦 I’ll get over it LOL.. Poor little guy, I hope someone gets him soon.. He is such a little love..

Then we went to Sam’s Club.. Brianna saw one of her teacher’s, Ms. Valenti, and the look on her face was priceless. Like, why is my teacher here and not at school LOL.. Got a ton of things.. Then went to Walmart and got more stuff.

Came home and I started doing some housework, hanging out with the girls and such..

Looking forward to some down time with Brian tonight!

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