Crazy night..

We went to the vision/baptism night at church.. It was awesome. I did miss about 30 min. because I did a rotation in the nursery (which was crazy because it was bedtime for all babies and they were so tired and cranky) Anyway, we stayed after and chatted with friends. We get all bundled up and get to the car. Keys are no where.. Not in my purse, not the diaper bag, they were gone..

Went back into church and we were literally almost the last ones gone, only Tom and Dan were left. Clay had heard me say we couldn’t find the keys so he was in the parking lot..

Dan had a carseat in his car. So Katie and Brian went with him and Brianna and I went with Clay. Then figured, if my keys are in the van locked, how are we supposed to get into the house!!! So Clay took us to my parents in Dublin to get keys.. We talked about Disney the whole time because they had just gotten back from a trip there.. Get to my parents, they say they don’t have a key that they know of, so I take all of the keys they have and Clay drives us home.

Keys don’t work, Brian tries the windows, the kitchen window was unlocked! I’m seriously thanking God now because this night was just soo crazy.. Dan brought Brian back to church to get our van and now he’s getting us som McDonald’s for dinner.

Katie is in bed and Brianna is about to get in bed..

Seriously crazy night..

Brian called to let me know that the keys were still in the ignition.. I feel like such a dummy LOL>..

4 thoughts on “Crazy night..”

  1. {{{HUGS}}}
    I’m glad you had people at the church to help you guys get home.

    I lock us out of the house ALL THE TIME!!!
    Thing is, the only person w/ a key is my mom. She lives 45 min away, and it seems that every time we get locked out, she’s in Boardman (45min away) buying kitchen supplies @ Sam’s w/ the head lunch lady… so I have to track her down. Last time though, our house AND car keys got locked in the house, beginning of January. It was awful. Now we have about half a dozen house keys at different places (including IL’s who live 10 min away). We need to make more car keys though, we only have one!

    I’m glad ya’ll got home and you & Brian stayed calm. 🙂



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