The best night ever!

Kelly and I went to David’s Bridal and went dress shopping!!! And we totally forgot to bring cameras.. So were are going back on Saturday, maybe with my Mom so she can see too 🙂

I saw the dress online that I loved. And I really wanted blue, since blue is my fave color. But when I got there, I tried it on in red and I totally and completely fell in love with the red. I didn’t want to take it off! I liked it in ivory as well.. I didn’t even have to try any other dresses on LOL.. This was the one! They had another style of dress in red, but the train was super long and I just didn’t like it.. I love this one!! ($349 with the sale) (slip $48 with 10% off)


I loved the short ivory veil with red trim ($69 with 10% off):


And there was a beautiful jeweled tiara with red stones that was gorgeous (but it was $150 and I think I could find something similar for not that expensive) $149 with 10% off):


The shoes I wore and loved too ($48 with 10% off):


I had Kelly pick a dress and try it on ($150 with $20 off):


The shoes Kelly wore ($48 with 10% off):


Then afterwards we went out to Mongolian BBQ and had dinner! I’m so excited and even more excited that I get to do all of this with my best friend!!! I told Kelly she needed to work at the store, they were hiring, because she loves all things wedding and she would get to help people try dresses all day LOL!

I know that it is seriously over a year away, but I was kind of down about everything and now I am super excited!!! I cannot wait!

7 thoughts on “The best night ever!”

  1. My friend just got married in December and had the same dress with the red and a veil with red trim. It was gorgeous!!!! I like it in all the different colors! How fun!


  2. I like that red color too. My cousin had it as her wedding colors and got married in the Summer, and it was beautiful! It will go with a Deep Red bouquet! Lovely!


  3. and with your coloring I bet its gorgeous on you!!!!!!!
    that dress is so beautiful
    so is the bridesmaid dress..wow
    I wanna renew..I really do!


  4. Oh that is so so beautiful!! I want to steal every idea for when I renew my vows (or get remarried, whichever comes first LOL)! You have awesome taste; I can’t wait to see pics of you in it!! (Red is my favorite color!!)


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