David’s Briday Pictures!!

Here are the pictures from Kelly and I’s David’s Bridal outing!!!
I’m in love with this dress….

From the back.. I need a bigger size,
which is totally sad,
but I understand that wedding dresses run small.. 

My fave part about the dress is the color!!
I love the ivory with the red!!

I totally love the veil and the tiara..
I totally don’t want to pay $150 for just the tiara though.
I need to find something similar because I love the look!

My best friend Kelly! I love her!
She is just such an amazing woman!
I’m so glad to have her sharing this with me!
She is such a big help..
And she looks gorgeous!!!

25 thoughts on “David’s Briday Pictures!!”

  1. Girl, I love love love that dress. *LOL* I love that it has “color” to it. I love the color you chose even more. You look so happy! 😀 Have you thought of trying eBay for a veil? Maybe you’ll have some luck there.

    Everything looks so nice!


  2. You look so so gorgeous Veronica!! I loooove the colors you chose! It looks like it fits great though! You look like a beautiful princess!


  3. That’s a good idea.. I would most likely get the veil from DB but it’s the tiara that is ridiculous LOL.. I love it, but so pricey.. I was going to check out the asian girls at the mall, see what they have to offer, but ebay is a great idea!!! I’ll have to look 🙂


  4. Thanks Mel!!!! I miss you girl! We really need to chat on the phone sometime.. I have you programmed into my cell.. I think it’s the right number. Email me your numbers again to make sure.. And the call would have to wait until after Friday I think.. My minutes are almost up and I don’t want to go over and I tend to be a talker LOL!!


  5. WOW!!! You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the dress-what great taste you have! 🙂

    You look stunning hun! Brian is going to be speechless!!!


  6. you are truly a beautiful woman! I think the dress is smashing!Just love it! And the veil is soooo cute!!!!! If I had $150.00 I would so buy it for you!!!!! And Kelly looks amazing as well!!! Great picks ladies! 🙂


  7. OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!! You look absolutley stunning. Ohh I feel all privelaged to be sharing that moment with you. Thankyou for posting them!!!!


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