Brianna and Kindy..

We were going to send her next year, but we are thinking about sending her to pre-k instead.. Her birthday is a month before the cut off, but Brian and I both think she will be better off going when she just turned 6 rather than just turned 5…

Some questions for friends…

What age did you send your child to kindy?

When is their birthday?

What factors made you decide to send him/her?

ok, back to bed i go, i’m seriously ill..


14 thoughts on “Brianna and Kindy..”

  1. If I had to due it all over again – I would of waited another year. A lot of Jordan’s struggles are just due to maturity. He learns the tasks – just takes a little bit longer since he focus level is short. As he gets older his attention span has improved.


  2. Well I can’t answer for my kids obviously but my birthday is in November and I was 4 when I started kindergarten!

    The reasons were because I had the skills and knowledge to start. My mom took me to some testing place and it was decided I’d do better to go ahead and start even though I’d be the youngest than to hold me back and have me start a year later – for social reasons.


  3. What age did you send your child to kindy? We sent Venacia and Essynce when they were 5 yrs old.

    When is their birthday? April 12th, so they had an extra 5 months.

    What factors made you decide to send him/her? They were ready, they wanted to go really badly and given the fact they they hadn’t ever gone to preschool I wanted to get a jump on finding out if they would need any extra help and then if they needed an extra year they wouldn’t be so behind. I think it was harder on us than them and they totally flourished, I think it is an individual thing but my girls were def. socially ready as my best friends daughter wasn’t so they held off for a year and it made all the difference!

    Good luck hun, Kindy is bittersweet but our girls LOVED it πŸ˜‰


  4. The cut off is December 1st in CA. Jordan’s birthday is Nov. 12th – so he made the cut off by 3 weeks. He started when he was 4 yrs old. His pre-school teacher thought he was more than ready. The one thing that I never factor in – he is a shy kid and speaks really low if he does not know you. It took him a long time to warm up and participate in the group. This year – he has improved leaps. It really depends on your daughter’s personality and if she is socially ready.


  5. both my kids went when they were 5…PJ’s bday is Jan 25th…so he turned 6 half way through…and Jaydon will turn 6 on April 17….But I have a few friends who waited an extra year for different reasons…I guess it’s just your prefrence and what you’re comfortable with…and you know your child best…hope ya get it all figured out πŸ™‚


  6. The cut off date here is Sept 15th and that is also Hayley’s birthday. We decided to send here to Alternative Kindergarten the year she could have started Kindergarten which is just half days and for kids who have birthdays close to the cutoff. Then the next year she went to regular Kindergarten. Although Hayley was completely academically ready to go, knew everything and more than she needed for Kindergarten I am so glad we waited. I think being one of the oldest is so much easier than being one of the youngest. She flourishes in school, has one of the highest testing levels, is picked by the teacher to help other students with their reading, and other subjects they need help on, and while this may have happened if we hadn’t waited, I think that the extra year to get ready has been a complete advantage and I wouldn’t change a thing.:)


  7. Jackie went when she was 5, she’s one of the youngest in her class (she is still 6, whereas 20 out of 24 kids are 7). Emmy will be 6 when she starts b/c of her birthday. But with her, that’s when we would have started her anyhow. She does do an in-home preschool two days a week, 3 hours each day and will do that for 2 more years πŸ™‚ It gives me a break, gives her a break from me lol and she loves it πŸ™‚


  8. Morgan went to Preschool & Than Pre-K & she is 5 (going on 6 on May 25th) & she is in Kindergarten. So she had 2 years of pre-school. πŸ™‚

    What age did you send your child to kindy? 5

    When is their birthday? May 25th

    What factors made you decide to send him/her? She had two years of pre-school & I knew she was ready, Pre-School & Pre-K was below her work expectations.


  9. I just wanted to add go with your heart, if you don’t think she is ready for some of the work another year of preschool won’t hurt her. πŸ™‚ Mother’s instinct knows best.


  10. My birthday is May 25 too!!!!!! Hurray for May!

    My friend Michelle is the 25 as well as her daughter!!

    Brianna is in her second year of preschool.. In a lot of ways I feel she is ready, she really wants to go, but in other ways, you can tell in little ways that she is younger than the other kids. Not necessarily socially, but academically. I keep going back and forth on the issue.. I’m thinking though, that it might be to her advantage, she’ll be a bit more mature and more sure of herself if we wait the year.. She’ll just go to pre-k which is 5 days a week, but only a couple of hours.. I would rather her be ahead than behind… Being a parent is tough!


  11. What age did you send your child to kindy?
    Taylor 5, Robert 5, Aaron 5.5 and Bailey and Alexander will be closer to 6 as well…

    When is their birthday?
    Tay- 3/6/93
    Aaron- 10/10/98

    What factors made you decide to send him/her?
    Taylor we had our doubts, but see at ST. Rose there is one class per grade as it is a VERY small school. (124 kids K-8th grade). So we fretted putting Tay and Rob in the same class… but we KNEW Robert was MORE than ready. Maturity level and everything else was right on. Funny thing is, because Ohio changed their mandatory testing laws, we held Taylor back in 5th grade and gee, they ended up in the same class anyway! But Taylor has BLOOMED! (He has learning disabilities, and Sensory Intregration Dysfunction) and now scores higher than his brother on stuff sometimes.. and makes the honor roll!!!!

    Robert is 2nd youngest in his class, with one little girl younger than him. But he also has a June 1993 in his class. And one of our friends- their son was born 6/10/94 but it was better for him to repeat 1st grade. Every kid is different and I told Taylor, that we needed to do what was best for him, and the age thing wasn’t important. We talk about it a lot. If I had waited to start him, I think it was have been a lil easier. (The class makeup had a lot to do with it too… the kids in the present 6th grade class are just easier to deal with than the present 7th grade class.)


  12. What age did you send your child to kindy?
    **Remy started kidy at 5
    **AJ will start when he’s 5 turning 6 (he will be going to prek this year though because in FL the deadline is Sept 1st)
    **Gabi will be going when she’s 5

    When is their birthday?
    **Remy 4-14-98
    **AJ 11-15-01
    **Gabi 6-13-03

    What factors made you decide to send him/her?
    Remy wanted to go to school and honestly to me when the kid is 5 he’s supposed to be in kidy. I thought all states were that way and that the cut off was Dec 31st like in NY. It wasn’t until I moved that I found out that AJ will be a year behind which bothers me a little but maybe it will benefit him in the end. Gabi will be going right on schedule so I’m happy about that.


  13. Joshua also has an Aug bday. When we were told he was a girl, I decided I’d wait until she was 5 and see if she was ready for school… but when he turned out a boy, I knew w/o a doubt I wasn’t sending him til he turned 6. boys are just more immature.

    I think you should take her and have her screened/tested for Kindy, then look at her maturity, atten span, emotionally (how does she do away from you for long periods of time? w/ her peers?), and can she physically handle being in school all day, every day of the week. It’s exhausting! lol!

    Another thing to think about – do you want her to be the youngest (atleast ONE of the youngest) in her class? She’d be doing everything last – which may not be a big deal right now, but later in life when the other girls are maturing and she may be a little behind or when everyone’s getting permits and starting to date, etc.

    I started Kindy when I was 4 (sept bday) so I was always the youngest. It didn’t effect me until my friends started getting their licenses and having Sweet Sixteen bday parties while mine was still a year away, and signing themselves out of school to go get lunch or to go to the class breakfast @ a local restaurant which I still needed my mom to sign for.

    I also personally think it’s better to keep them back than to send them early and either regret it later or have to hold them back a year in school while their friends move on to the next grade.

    But, I don’t know Brianna. And she’s a girl – I think the decision is easier w/ a boy since it’s practically become a rule of thumb to keep a boy w/ a summer bday back until they’re 6 since they’re generally less mature than girls. Talk w/ her preK teachers, set up a meeting w/ the principal & kindy teacher @ the school she would be attending, and talk to any teacher friends or friends who had a kid in the same position.

    So far in my parenting journey, the whole education thing has been the roughest and hardest part.



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