Mirena strikes again..

My period just keeps getting more and more wacky.. When I started getting them back after Katie, it started the 1st of the month, then it was the 7th, then the 12, then the 16th, now it is the 21 and no sign of her..

I just hate that unprepared feeling.. I mean, as much as I hate the hassle of having a period, I think I liked it better when I got it like clockwork every month and when it didn’t show there was a reason, like being pregnant LOL…

Now it’s just wacky.. I dislike wacky….

5 thoughts on “Mirena strikes again..”

  1. Its the progesterone, it will either dry you up or you’ll have none at all…for me with progesterone I get HEAVY periods and get them ALL the time…it rare that I stop bleeding…I bled for almost 3 months before I took it out.


  2. Mine gets on a schedule than goes wacky, too. I thought for sure she was coming yesterday & nada. I hate wacky, too. Hope she shows her ugly face soon!


  3. Mine are a bit whacky too but my periods are so light that it doesn’t really bother me. Blood rarely ever gets to my undies so even if I am unprepared it is no big deal.

    Last week I thought she was coming…..I had some brown blood when I wiped but it was gone after 3 potty trips. Maybe that was her? Who knows!


  4. I don’t have the mirena but I’m on depo and mine are all weird too but honestly as heavy as my af was I rather bleed a little for a day or two and then spot for a week than what I used to get. I do agree with the being prepared thing though.. it especially sucks when you’re out and you get af.


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