Thanks girls!

For all your input regarding the Brianna and kindy post!

Brian and I talked a lot about it, and with words from her pediatrician, teacher and my Mom, along with observations made by us…

We decided to send Brianna to pre-k this coming fall..

5 days a week, 2hrs 20min a day!

We would rather have her be one of the oldest, with more confidence, than the young one in the bunch. And it will give her more time to be on top of a lot of things, instead of just learning them..

And to make things even more exciting! I already know her teachers! They are Conner’s teachers now.. And I love these women! They are so positive and uplifting! Brianna already really likes them and feels comfortable with them!

And when I told them Brianna was all signed up to be in their classroom for next year. The one teacher jumped up and down and clapped her hands in excitement!! So happy to have Brianna!

We definitely made the right choice!!

Brianna is all excited to be “taking Conner’s place in school” she even asked if she could have his old cubby LOL!

8 thoughts on “Thanks girls!”

  1. I didn’t see your first post about this. Sorry, seems lately I am NEVER online anymore.
    Anyway the point is, I was one of the oldest in my class when I graduated. I think it was a really good thing. My best friend was one of the youngest. I was definately at the maturity level I needed to be when I started college, she was not.
    Not that it matters because I am just someone on the net, but I just wanted to say I agree with you πŸ˜‰


  2. ACK I meant to reply to the other post, and um..yeah, life and stuff, you know.

    I was one of the youngest in my class, my birthday is Oct 26. I was 4 when I started Kindy and didn’t turn 5 for almost two whole months. I struggled all through school. Until 3rd or 4th grade my dexterity was somewhat behind and I just had such a terrible, hard time. Writing was painful because my muscles just weren’t there yet; my attention span wasn’t ready yet either.By 3rd grade they put me in RSP (and my sister was really mean to me about it but that is a whole other post), and I learned to hate school and refused to apply myself, ever.

    My mom agrees that she should have kept me out a year, that it would have made a world of difference. When is her birthday again? Ainsley’s is Sept 14 and I am considering holding her out a year, we’ll have to see how she is doing at that time.

    You made the right decision, hands down! From someone who suffered for YEARS because of this kind of thing, good job Mama.


  3. Thanks Nonie.. I”m sorry you had it so rough 😦 I was not a huge school participant, I was so shy and not sure of myself.. I started kindy at 5, but I had turned 5 may 25th.. so i had a few months before kindy, but i don’t think it was enough.. things were different back then too though.. when you were 5 it was just assumed you went straight to kindergarten..

    anyway.. brianna’s birthday is august 8th.. and the cut off is sept. 30.. so she definitely makes it, but like i said above.. i can tell real differences, not necessarily socially, but skill wise, between her and her class last year and her class this year. where kids are are turning 5 during the school year and she won’t until the end of the summer!

    definitely feel as though brian and i made the right decision!

    thanks for the encouragment!



  4. thanks hun, i didn’t even think about college years.. funny, i did think about her being the last to turn 16 and get her license LOL.. that makes total sense though..

    thanks for the encouragment πŸ™‚


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