Gymboree will be my downfall!

I love when the girls dress alike, especially in summer! Last summer they had matching shirts and I always dressed them alike. It was nice only looking for 1 color scheme when we were out and about LOL! Plus, I just have this addiction to having my girls look alike..

So, since we are going to Disney World and Grand Cayman this year, I had to get them matching swimwear!

I have never really shopped at Gymboree before, I mean I might have gotten a pair of tights there before, but never any clothing…

And after walking out of the store spending $100 on swimstuff, I can see why this might become a deadly addiction LOL!

So here is what I got:

Katie’s swimsuit 🙂

Katie’s hat 🙂

Katie’s barrettes 🙂

Katie and Brianna both got the sunglasses 🙂
(Katie was too cute, she was walking all over the store with them on, and she didn’t want to take them off!)

Brianna’s swimsuit 🙂

Brianna’s hat 🙂
(I wanted the girls to have the same hat, but Katie won’t keep it on unless it is attached to her head LOL)

Brianna’s hairstuff 🙂

9 thoughts on “Gymboree will be my downfall!”

  1. I love Gymboree too. And I too like to dress the kids alike. We have similar taste. I saw those suits at Gmboree.com and want to get them.


  2. Aren’t they cute! I was in the store for over an hour LOL.. I had a whole different collection picked out but they didn’t have the matching hat for Katie and I wasn’t sure I really wanted a two piece suit for her, with being in the hot hot hot sun in the cayman’s..

    So I decided to get the one piece instead, which meant me changing to the whole other color scheme LOL..

    I really need to stay away from that store, but now I have gymbucks LOL.. So you know I will so be going back for Easter stuff LOL…

    Ok, I’ve rambled enough about kidswear haha!


  3. I know! Crazy right.. My Mom ended up getting their bathing suits. Which is so nice and I’m very appreciative.. but it also makes me think, I’m crazy for spending $50 on hats, sunglasses and hairthings LOL..

    Though I will say that I will be going back, because they charged me too much for the sunglasses. They were supposed to be buy 1 get one 50% off and they charged me full price for both..

    But then I know they’ll say, you are $5 away from getting another $25 in gymbucks LOL…


  4. OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Gymboree is my addiction!!!!!!!! I have so many clothes from them and I love buying their stuff- the older lines and the new!!!! I love what you picked out! They will be so cute!!!!!! I cannot wait to see the pics!

    Ebay knows I am always looking for Gymboree… I think they sense when I am near the computer… LOL! But I cannot help it! Their stuff is so cute and modest and i love the mix and match factor! Bailey even has outfits for preschool in the fall courtesy of the Red Hot dot (CHEAP CLEARANCE!) sale!


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