I survived!

The boys were back in my care yesterday! They had been in the bahamas for a week… It went relatively smoothly. The temp outside wasn’t too bad, so Brianna and Conner played outside all morning. Katie took and early morning nap, which was nice! Gave them lunch, woke Katie up, took Conner to school. Then Brianna, Katie, Brandon and I went to my Moms to hang out for a bit.. The girls ate at my Mom’s.. Brianna loves to eat everything bagels and cream cheese and my Mom always has it on hand.. It’s one of the first things Brianna asks for as soon as we step foot in the house LOL..

We went to pick Conner up. Brianna fell asleep in the car. I chatted with Gail for a bit. Winston had Brianna’s valentine. This boy has a super crush on her, it’s amazing. She seriously must have cast a spell on him. He wants to marry her one day. And they aren’t in the same class anymore, and she hasn’t seen him since Dec. at his birthday party.. It’s amazing.. Anyway. He got her a special cinderella valentine with chocolate hearts filled with a creamy fudge filling.. Came home, Brianna was still conked out, so I brought her upstairs and put her to bed. Conner and Katie went outside and played on the swingset. Katie loved going down the slide. Then it was getting very windy so I brought them in. Katie watched some baby einstein. Then she and Conner played with puzzles..

I decided to mop the kitchen floor. I had opened the kitchen window to get some fresh air in the house.. Katie and Conner went upstairs. I went up to tell them to come down and I heard Emma mewing like she was trapped in a room. So I went looking everywhere for her, couldn’t find her. It sounded like she was outside.. So I went downstairs and opened the back door and she was outside!!!! I forgot the screen wasn’t in the kitchen window and she had escaped. She was mewing to be let back in. She isn’t an outdoor cat LOL. She was like, wait, I don’t want to be out here, I want back in LOL.. I’m very lucky that she didn’t run away and that the dogs next door, a doberman and another wild and crazy dog, didn’t see her. The next door neighbors fence is not that great. They did it themselves and did a terrible job, it isn’t even and there are huge gaps at the bottom, so in some areas the dogs can still get out and escape.. If they would have seen her, they could have come and tried to get her.. I would have been devestated.. But, she was saved!!!

Brianna finally got up. Not to much longer after that Brian got home from work. Then Deana right after him. We talked for a bit. They left. We had dinner, chicken and potatos in the crockpot! Then Brian made that funny Family Guy picture. And we went to Walmart. Got a few things.. Got gas. Came home and put Katie to bed. Then Brianna. Then Brian and I hung out and then went to bed..

So all in all, pretty smooth getting back into the swing of things. Today is going pretty well too 🙂

And it’s Friday!!!!! My minutes are back! Wahoo!!!!

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