Well I guess that is over..

Sabrina could not even say anything more to me.

Just took me directly off her friends list.

Her words and actions speak volumes to me about who she is and how she truly thinks..

Makes my heart hurt that there are people in this world who think that kind of stuff is no big deal.

That kind of thing should not be tolerated, period.


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21 thoughts on “Well I guess that is over..”

  1. Sorry you are feeling hurt. I can see how you would feel that way. I wouldn’t like someone thinking that type of thing is funny either.
    HOwever, in her defense, she was born and raised the way she is. She probably doesn’t even see how it could be hurtful. Don’t take it personally. (I know easier said than done I am sure).
    I never realised how prevalent that mind set is until I lived in the south.


  2. I missed the earlier posts, but I’m really sorry you were hurt. No one deserves to feel that way.

    I’m thinking of you and I’m here if you want to talk. hugs!


  3. oh no ((hugs)) What’s going on V? Anyone who would un-friend you is ridiculous! You are one of the SWEETEST, most honest women I know! ~*~loves~*~


  4. I’m so sorry Veronica. She was way out of line and owes you a huge apology. I still can’t believe the ignorance of people like that. And anyone else who thought it was “no big deal”. I was wondering (hoping) if she had emailed you privately to apologize.
    Don’t let the ignorance of the few that thought what she did was ok, ruin it for you here. You have lots of others who love you and appreciate you just for the person you are.
    You really handled the situation well, with class and integrity and a Christian spirit.
    Hold your head high Sweetie. {{{HUGS}}}


  5. Nope, no apology at all on her end, and at this point I don’t think it will ever come. It really does break my heart, I mean, if that is how you feel deep down, why even have me on your friends list? And if truly isn’t who you are, then don’t post it, or post it and say how wrong it is, or at least apologize for posting it.

    Anyway, her loss really. And like I said before, it hurts my heart that she is raising a family to have those beliefs too. Especially since that is what happened with her. The cycle will always continue as long as people let it continue..



  6. I am definitely glad that you understand, especially because of your beautiful boys..

    It’s sad that our children are growing up in a world where there is still hate generated because of skin color 😦

    We should be thanking our lucky stars that there were changes made in our society, but even so, we should not let people get off the hook with thinking it is OK to think that way, by not calling them on it.

    I don’t care how they grew up or where they grew up. They have a responsibility to themselves and their families to stop the hate.

    And with Sabrina’s words and her actions, I can see that she isn’t taking on that responsibility.



  7. veronica im so sorry about all this.
    i didnt take the time to really think what that quiz could mean to everyone else, i dont take any quizzes anyone posts in their journal to heart but that is me and who i am i guess. i dont like debates/drama etc so i dont look to much into anything, do you get what im saying (im hoping i make sense here and dont sound like an idiot) im sorry you feel this way sweetie after the first screened post (sorry i didnt get to respond had to go tend to the boys..) you made, i get what youre saying & where youre coming from & feel really bad you are feeling this way NO ONE Should ever feel that way. i truley hope you arent mad at me for the comment i made on sabrina’s quiz post. You are a very strong woman and i admire that about you.
    I hope we are still friends.. (((hugs)))


  8. Thanks.

    I feel that someone who has those thoughts should not be defended however. They should be called on it. The fact is, if no one calls people who feel that way on it, they will never know how hurtful and what those things really stand for that they believe. And I completely understand that she was most likely born and raised to be that way, but she is also her own person. I feel she has a responsibility to herself and her family to stop those hateful views. Because no matter what she says, she’s raising her son to have the same “pride” she does. And as long as that continues to happen, there will always be an issue of race..

    So I do take it very personally. What kind of person would I have been if I had been on her “friends” list and not spoken up? I would have been condoning her behavior and that, I will never do. To do that, would be me saying it is alright to have those views.

    And it’s not alright, it’s wrong..

    Sorry, if this is soapboxish, but I just don’t understand how people can defend hate. It’s a learned behavior and it can be unlearned.. You can’t unlearn it if no one ever tells you it’s wrong 😦


  9. I deleted your reply to me from my email so I don’t remember all that you said.
    I guess I was just saying that I do not in any way shape or form think that being racist is right.
    I don’t think pointing it out to her was the wrong thing. I just didn’t want to get involved. But I did want to say sorry your feelings got hurt and I can see how they would. 😉
    And I have always thought that the confederate flag was about being a racist redneck… but what do I know lol.


  10. Hon dont let things like that get under your skin! I am hispanic, and I have the whole united nation in my family including both of my kids are biracial, Cassidy half greek and Gio half Italian! I dont let any ignorant people or sayings get to my skin, because no matter what its all over and you CANT CHANGE PEOPLE, its the way they are brought up or whatever.. Dont stress it, if she removed you, then you do the same.. End of story, friends like that you dont need, even if it was intended for you! KWIM!


  11. Yikes..I am just now seeing this, I have been offline for a while-I did go and read her post about that, and it realllllly seemed out of line with me as well :*( I am so sorry that your feelings got hurt hun.

    There are still so many racist people in the world (not just saying she is, but so many others!) I just wish everyone would not look on the outside and judge :*( I guess you never think about how people treat you differently unless you are “different” in their eyes. That is BS what you have gone thru at restaurants, I am shocked at that!

    The way I see it, is that if you cut your wrist and you cut mine, we bleed the same color…

    And this may seem racist (I apologize if so!) But mixed couples have the most most adorable kids Everrrr! (You have proof of that, heehee!)

    I have always felt that if you don’t agree with something, it doesnt mean to open your mouth and blurt crap out~what good does it do? Ugh~Okay I am going to go before I take up an hour of your time.

    You will always be my friend no matter what! Love ya~Jenn


  12. Thanks hun.. I just could not let something that disrespectful go without any call of attention to it. Those kind of racist view are just wrong, whether it’s put in a quiz or not. And the fact the Sabrina was able to post them and then defend herself posting them, speaks volumes to me about her character and what she stands for. And obviously I cannot have a friend who feels that way about the color of my skin 😦

    Anyway. I’m also a very forgiving person. And I understand that you didn’t know what all the uproar was about.


    We’re still friends 🙂


  13. You did the right thing by trying to talk it out with her, and she was too childish and ignorant to even attempt a response. Fuck. Her.


  14. Thanks Bea! I just felt as though I couldn’t just let it go. I needed to tell her it was wrong and now I get to move on. Hopefully one day her eyes will be opened and she won’t have those awful beliefs anymore 😦



  15. Thanks babe!! Yeah.. I just can’t believe that if she felt that way, why was I even on her FL??? To keep up some sort of charade??? Anyway, I definitely don’t need to be friends with someone who supports that kind of backwards thinking. If she got her wish, my family would be in such a dark, dark place 😦


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