Saturday’s Events!

I went to Bible study at Panera in the morning. Met Nicki, Ann-Morgan and Tammy! We read and discussed 2 Timothy Chap. 2.. It was a really good discussion and definitely something I need to read. Especially after the whole racism on LJ issue. I loved my breakfast as well. I splurged and got two things along with my usual Chai Tea Latte. I had the strawberry and cream pastry and the spinach and bacon souffle.. So very good! Just thinking about it makes me want to go back, especially with the company I had. I’m looking foward to getting together again this Sat. I will miss it while we are in Disney 😦

Then I got home, later than planned (opps) so Brian could go off to work. He had an overtime opportunity. So the girls and I hung out. They played outside, it was a beautiful day. I fixed us lunch. Then they played outside some more. Katie loves the swing. She just never wants to get out of it! Then we went for a walk around the block. Definitely good exercise for all of us, well except Katie. I pushed her in her step2 red car. It was so nice to be able to get ouside and get some fresh air!

I started doing some thing around the house when we got back. Brian got home. I hopped in the shower. Then we left to drop the girls off at my parents. Went to Cord Camera to make a sign for our groups chili cook-off entry. We were lucky, I forgot that Cord closed at 6 and we got there 10 min till. I whipped through those die cut machines like there was no tomorrow LOL. Got the letter cut and then we headed over to Michael’s. We got a gold foam board and a glue stick. Brian drove as I made my creation. Stopped at Kroger, he got a 2 liter of pepsi while I finished my work of art (or lack there of LOL) and then went over to church! It was a blast!!!! We had so much fun. There were 18 entries and ours was the best. Jason did such an awesome job!! He even put filet mignon in it since it was a contest and he was determined to win LOL. It was good food and dessert. I got a chance to talk and hang out with friends. Then after the contest was over and they were tallying votes they were doing karoake. It was hilarious! I was laughing so hard. Then Nicki, Mimi and Tammy and I got the bright idea to pay for Jason to sign, I feel like a natural woman LOL.. So they presented the trophy’s. Kelly’s won most ingredients, I was promoting hers like crazy!!! I’m such a wonderful best friend LOL. And our’s won people’s choice! Jason went up and accepted the trophy! We won! We were screaming and yelling and then they went back to karoake and they called Jason up to sing LOL.. It was perfect timing!! And he was a natural. He did it with such flair and sophistication haha! It was an awesome night. We went, picked up the girls. Katie was wired. Running around like a maniac and it was so cute. Got them to bed. Then Brian and I played Acey Duecy while watching the Olympics..

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