I met Tammy and Kelly P. at Starbucks! It was really nice!

And our biggest conversation was getting our woohoo’s waxed LOL.. Well Tammy and I.. Kelly looked at us like we were crazy!

So I think Tammy and I are going to find a place. Get ourselves a drink and then go get our nether regions waxed!!! We may just start out with bikini waxes and work up to getting brazilians…

Or I might just say… Do it and go all the way LOL!

We’ll see..

I need to do some calling around tomorrow πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “GNO!”

  1. LOL! πŸ˜‰ I heard that hurts, so I never tried it. *LOL* I’ll be waiting to hear how it goes for ya! πŸ˜€ Hope you can go soon!


  2. I know I’m going to love it, I like it when it’s shaved. But it’s such a hassle and not completely gone.. Like smooth down, but sandpaper up.. yuck..

    I think I’m all about doing it since I have a partner in crime now LOL!!!


  3. I’ll let you know. I hate shaving there.. It is a hassle and it seriously makes me gag LOL.. I think waxing is the best solution for me!


  4. Yeah, I can only imagine the pain I will be in LOL.. That’s why I need a drink before hand.. and for the fact that someone is going to be working down there and not for the purpose of a medical exam or delivering a baby LOL


  5. When you get a brazilian, it is seriosly as soft as a babies butt and it lasts for so long!! My lady was telly me that after she had hers done for the first time, she wore skirts and no panties for the first week so she could feel it all day! LMAO, I am not that obsessed! **snort**

    I do recommend you look for some one that does sugaring and uses the hand method, not the strip method. It is way less painful – but they are hard to come across.

    LOL, a partner in crime! Crystal and I use to go together all the time. πŸ™‚


  6. Sugaring is a substance that is made from sugar and lemon juice and maybe honey…or it makes a honey like substance. It doesn’t have to be as hot and it just works so much better. The hand method (I so don’t know if that is the correct term or not) is where she gets a ball of the substance in her hand and smoothes it on with her finger and pulls it off immediately, there are no strips involved and it goes a lot faster.

    Here is a geeral link on sugaring: http://www.alexandriasugaring.com/faq.html

    And this talks about the hand method:


  7. you’ll have to let me know how that goes when you get it done. I shave and it seems like I constantly have to do it.


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