Cleaning stinks…

I don’t want to clean my bathroom *wah*

Someone please come and do it for me, or do you know of any bathroom cleaning fairies????

I would much rather be doing something else like getting lost in internet land, catching up on LJ friends, catching up on emails, starting the halloween scrapbook pages that are just crying out to me..

I don’t want to clean!!!!!

7 thoughts on “Cleaning stinks…”

  1. There are bathroom cleaning fairies?!

    I need a few of those. I have to clean one of our bathrooms daily because my little guys have the worst aim lol.


  2. Have you found the bathroom cleaning fairies yet?? I could have really used them, as I *just* got done cleaning our bathrooms. Cleaning toilets is the absolute #1 cleaning job I HATE doing. It’s so nasty!


  3. Well there should be darn it!!!

    LOL, I’m glad I only have 1 guy to deal with, he says that he doesn’t miss, but sometimes I have proof LOL!


  4. No, they won’t return my calls LOL! I wish they would because I hate cleaning period, let alone toilets… If I had the money I would have a professional come in and clean every week.. I absolutely hate cleaning!!!!!!

    Which is funny because my Mom is a clean freak. She has someone come in and clean every other week and cleans before they get there LOL.. I am the complete opposite, I never clean, unless I know company is coming over and then I clean like there is no tomorrow..

    Though I will say I’m trying to get better at that part of the domestic goddess job discription LOL!


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