Dude, why am I awake..

I seriously need to go to bed.. It has been a long day.. Brian looks as though he is feeling better. Better enough to get on the computer for a half hour and shave! That is a good sign!!! Brianna stopped coughing up a lung because she took meds.. The are now wearing off and she refuses to take more.. I have her in her bed with the bare minimum and sleeping on towels.. I just do not want to do another load of pukey sheets if I don’t have too.. Katie has been asleep since 7:30 and is doing well.. My sinuses are all congested and I took some sudafed.. Have the heating pad ready so that it will help my lower back.. and hopefully we all wake up feeling rested and sickness free! Probably not on the sickness free part, but I can dream!

I just want our family back to 100%, hopefully relaxing/fluids/lots of rest will do the trick!

I thankfully don’t have the boys tomorrow!!!

Don’t know if Brian is going in to work. He said he was going to try..

Alright.. going to bed now..

So glad that we are home!

3 thoughts on “Dude, why am I awake..”

  1. AHHHHHH, your post is bringing back bad memories of when my whole family was sick a couple weeks ago. I definitely feel for you, it’s horrible and it seems to take forever for everything to get totally 100% better. I hope it’s soon for you all though. *hugs*


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