Disney Vacation Pictures: Columbus Airport!

Brian watching the girls look out the window, waiting for the plane to come in!

Katie looking at me with her new “cloth” we couldn’t find hers and she needs to have one, it’s her security item so I bought an OSU bib from one of the gift shops at the airport, it seemed to do the trick!

When is the plane coming!!!!

Let’s go do something else to pass the time Katie!

Why are you taking my picture Mom!!! Haven’t you taken enough!

Apparently not, LOL! I can’t help it, she’s a beautiful princess!

Last one before we boarded the plane! Love Brianna’s eyes and hair in this one šŸ™‚

Still trying to figure out the whole cut thing in rich text…. We left Wednesday. For some reason I had it in my head that our flight was at 10am.. So we were running late, making it to the airport just in time to have Brian drop off Brianna and I, drop the van off at airport parking, get our luggage checked, get our boarding passes and make it to the terminal. Columbus airport is so small, but we were in luck because our flight wasn’t leaving until 10:55! So we were in fact early and got to relax a bit before taking off! It also gave me the opportunity to hunt down a cloth-like object for Katie since hers turned up missing! We later found it stuffed in her coat pocket, which we had put in our carry on bag LOL!

9 thoughts on “Disney Vacation Pictures: Columbus Airport!”

  1. ā¤ The girls are so sweet. ā¤
    I’m glad you ended up with time to spare, and found Katie’s lovey.

    I really hope everyone is feeling better this weekend. šŸ˜¦



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