My new toy from Disney!

We were at Pizza Planet in MGM..

Lauren starts putting quarters into this one gmae, all you have to do is press the button three times to see if you can get a certain amount of points, if so you win.. Well she won!

She could choose from ipod shuffle, another mp3 player, a cd player.. anyway, she already had an mp3 player so she decided to get a cd player.. so it starts coming out and gets stuck. so they are banging on it, brian goes to get someone to help us.

these little kids start banging on it and not only does 1 cd player come out but and ipod too!!!

So I gave Lauren her cd player and then i gave the kids $1 each to play in the machine and took the ipod..

so i have an ipod shuffle now hehe 🙂

I’m trying to set up my playlist now.. I can put 120 songs on it 🙂

10 thoughts on “My new toy from Disney!”

  1. Cool. That’s not often that those things put out, much less 2 for 1 prizes. lol

    Have fun with it. I love my mp3! 🙂

    (Using my grateful dead since they have the most playlists on mine). 😉


  2. What a score!!!
    I love my mp3 player, it can hold 6,000 songs, I can’t even imagine that much music. Lol.
    I listen to mine all the time, it’s esspecially nice when I’m sewing because I can hear the music over the sound of my sewing machine.


  3. I was pretty excited!

    Though I just told Brian that I want the 30GB Ipod for my birthday LOL!

    I figure, if he, my brother and my parents get it for me it won’t be too bad!

    Brian already has an MP3 player that he used to work out with.

    And I will put Brianna’s fave songs on the shuffle and let her have it, if I get one for my birthday..

    Then I can forever put my CD’s away and not play the game of going through them in the van LOL!

    I didn’t realize how much I have missed hearing music all the time!


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