Watching the boys..

Brian and I are going to discuss if watching the boys is something we should still do. Financially it is working out, but that is going to change soon. Conner will be going to kindy this coming fall and I will no longer have him. Deana asked me if I was still thinking about watching Brandon. It might not be worth it financially though. It will be less money and the whole taxes thing makes it even less financially worth it and it makes it a hassle quite frankly.

One of the reasons I really hope Brian gets this manager job is because it would put us in a better position for me not to have to watch Brandon..

I would just really love the freedom of not watching someone elses kids.. To come and go as we please, to be sick and not have to worry or feel bad about it. Or go on vacation with no strings attached. Brian has very limited vacation this year with us having gone to Disney and then our big Cayman trip in the summer. But I would still like to be able to travel with the girls.. Maybe just us girls go to PA to see the family.. Stuff like that.. I just feel so tied down watching these boys, especially with summer coming..

It’s a convo we should have had awhile ago, but the days keep going by.. I just don’t want to procrastinate on it too much, so we can make a decision and let Deana know if she needs to find someone else for Brandon..

I just really need to pray on it… If you could pray for clarity and an open and soft heart that would be much appreciated 🙂

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