Arizona, anyone???

My parents went out to look at homes to retire to this past weekend. My Dad loves Arizona, Tuscon in particular. It’s where he went to school! And since I can remember he has always said he will retire there!

So they went looking at homes because the prices keep skyrocketing. They found something they liked, put in an offer $12,000 below asking. The realtor thought my father was nuts. My Dad didn’t think they would take the offer either and it was all he was going to pay.

They accepted the offer!!!! They were trying to unload the house because they had two mortgages! So they close at the end of April.

But my Dad isn’t going to retire for another 3 years LOL! So they are going to rent the property out.. I can’t wait to see it!! I love AZ too 🙂

I’m also a Mama’s girl so I can see myself out there a lot LOL!

12 thoughts on “Arizona, anyone???”

  1. My sister lived in Arizona for 6 years, in Scottsdale and she LOVED it. My BIL retired to Tuscon when he got out of the Navy a couple of years ago and they built a house. They are really happy there.


  2. My aunt and Uncle live there.. they love it.. they just built a house… they are coming up here in July to visit I will have to get more info on Arizona then.. I would love to go visit them


  3. I adore Arizona and I am trying to talk DH into moving there. I need a warmer climate. Yes I am a freak and think it is too cold in NM lol.


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