Great weekend!

Friday night Brian and I went out to Mongolian BBQ for dinner and then saw Inside Man. It was a great night out, we discussed our vow renewal plans, “honeymoon” to Hawaii, and then TTC *Q* baby #3! Inside Man was an awesome movie! I really enjoyed it! When we got to my parents to pick up the girls they were all watching Napoleon Dynamite so we stayed until the end of that!

Saturday I had bible study at Panera with the girls in the morning. Nicki, Tammy and I ended up staying almost 2 hours after everyone else left LOL. We had really good conversation and left saying what we wanted to be held accountable for next time. I said contacting places for our renewal. I have two that stick out. The Hyatt on Capital Square or The Franklin Conservatory (The Palm Room is beautiful!) with Cameron Mitchell catering. Nicki works at Cameron Mitchell so she is going to help me out there! Got home, saw what Brian put together with the Disney DVD. He is doing an awesome job with it! Only two more songs to add and it’s finished!!! We went to some furniture places to see for beds for the girls and also a trundle bed for the loft for guests. Went to my parents to give Dwight his Disney souvinere. Came home. Kids had Wendy’s for dinner and we had BW’s wings! Then Brian and I played some Acey Duecy, I watched House and then went to bed.

Sunday morning we woke up. Brian got ready and then took Katie so I could take a shower. I’m in there when he comes in all frantic, we forgot to change the clocks, it isn’t 9, it’s 10. Well he was doing powerpoint for church, and needed to be there by 9 because the service starts at 10!! So he took off. I finished my shower. Got the girls dressed, fed and out the door. Made it to church with about 30 min. left in the service! Talked to Ann-Morgan a bit before going in though, so listened to 20 min. of it. Hung out after church Gave Kelly and the kids their Disney souvineres. Carrie got me my fave chips, walmart must be selling them again. Salsalitos! Yummy! Brian was counting offerings. Then I took the girls to Target to get some shelves for shoes in our closet. Got us some food. Came home and ate lunch. Brianna was not feeling well so she went to bed. Katie and I were inspecting the tulips and daffodils that are coming up. Brian put oil in his car. Then we pushed Katie on the swing and talked about what we wanted to do with landscaping. Decided to call Kelly’s dad to come over and take a look at things. Put Katie down for a nap. I folded laundry. Brian put the shelves together and then we tackled our closet. It looks fantastic!!! We’re so proud of our accomplishment LOL! We had waffles and bacon for dinner! Then got the girls in pj’s and took a walk around the block pulling them in the wagon! Got them to bed. Brian and I cleaned Dora’s cage. We watched some of the White Sox game. Then finished putting stuff away. Discussed maybe getting a new desk and how I wanted to arrange the loft. Then went to bed!

1 thought on “Great weekend!”

  1. What a weekend!! Gotta love the time change huh? Glad you had a wonderful time on your date night! Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this weekend…unlike our weekends where we just sit around the house!


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