My icon pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now.. I’m angry with Brian right now. I have my period, which usually isn’t a factor in how I feel but I have been on some insane emotional rollercoaster this week and it seriously blows. I know that I should look to the Lord for strength and guidance, but it seems that anything and everything that can get in the way of me going that route is happening and I’m letting it.. I just feel so angry right now. I feel so upset. If I could just fall off the face of the planet right now.. I would…


in my mind, because everyone is sleeping in my house.

i should be too, dreamland = non-reality bliss….

9 thoughts on “hm…”

  1. I really hope you feel better soon V.. Maybe you can talk to someone at your church like the pastor or if they have counselors.. (((big hugs)))


  2. I’ve been feeling a lot of the same way lately… don’t know why. Just feel super blah. The weather has been perking up lately, and I have been feeling a bit better. Maybe some sun and warm weather will help you out, too. *big hugs*


  3. Oh V, I wish you were feeling better. 😦 I know how you feel, I often sleep away my problems. Maybe the weekend will help you, let you relax.

    Big huge {{{HUGS}}}

    if you want to talk, you have my #.


  4. dreamland = non-reality bliss

    Boy, truer words have never been spoken!! That’s exactly how I feel when I’m depressed or stressed!! ((hugs)) I hope you feel better, and have a good weekend hon!


  5. ((V)) When it rains, it seems to pour. But remember, after the storm, comes the rainbow! Things will be brighter soon babe!! Until then… ~*~loves~*~


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