Passports and Dresses…

We got our passport pictures done today. All of our paperwork is filled out and ready to go. We just need to all go to the post office tomorrow and get it submitted 🙂 I’m really looking forward to our Grand Cayman trip!

David’s Bridal called yesterday and said my dress came in and is ready to be picked up! Way early, since it wasn’t supposed to be in until June, so I’m happy.

I’m glad it’s Friday.

I also just downloaded two Pearl Jam songs that I didn’t have and that makes me happy because they are one of my fave groups ever.

I’m going to go to bed now because I’m going to be angry with myself tomorrow if I don’t.

Thinking about not going scrapbooking tomorrow night. I have nothing I even remotely want to work on nor do I feel like having convos but that would be me avoiding right???? Maybe I just need a break…

4 thoughts on “Passports and Dresses…”

  1. Nope. This is the last family vacation (that my parents are paying for anyway LOL) with my parents and brother!

    2007 is the renewal and then we are going to go to Hawaii for our honeymoon!!! I’m so very excited about that! New place, just Brian and I!!! It will be so incredible!!


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