What to get, what to get..

We are looking into bunkbeds for the girls and a futon for the loft! Right now there is a queen in Brianna’s room and a twin in the loft. I think I found the beds I want on ebay! As for the futon we’re still looking around.

Brianna is beyond excited, she has wanted bunkbeds for awhile. She wants to sleep on the top bunk!

When baby *Q* is on the way we will move Katie from the nursery into Brianna’s room. That won’t be until 2007 though! Brian and I decided to TTC starting summer 2007, so maybe we’ll get a Hawaii baby!!! Since we like to conceive in states other than Ohio LOL!

Doug and Brian are going to be putting in another kitchen floor. We are still deciding what kind of flooring we want. I also want to paint the kitchen and family room! As well as Brianna’s room. Especially with putting new furniture in there! She said she wants pink and purple but I think we might go with pink and green. I found these colors that go together so well and I think it will be perfect in her room! I think an accent wall pink and then green on the remaining walls. I’m going to see what Mary thinks tonight when the come over for dinner. She’s so good at decorating!

And of course, I have the money for my 30GB iPod! I’m trying to hold out on getting at my birthday but that is going to take some major will power since the cash is already in my possession LOL! We’ll see if I make it..

7 thoughts on “What to get, what to get..”

  1. sounds like you have lots of plans for changing things in the house. Bunk beds are nice that’s what my kids have 🙂

    You’ll have to post before and after pics once you’re done 🙂


  2. Since we like to conceive in states other than Ohio LOL!
    We are just the opposite!! We’ve concieved ONLY in Ohio!! Michael was born in OH, then we moved to CO and Noah was concieved when we came home for Christmas. The twins were concieved after we moved back to OH from MN!! LOL


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